For All the Moms

Mothering gets done in a lot of ways - birthing, nurturing, supporting, challenging, mentoring, trusting, and loving. It gets done in cheerful and messy, brave and resourceful, tender and exhausting ways. Chances are, you have a mom (or an aunt, a grandma, a mother in law, or a fairy godmother) in your life who deserves some special recognition on Mother's Day (hint: it's this Sunday, May 13th). Both our shops are stocked full of gifts to show how much you appreciate all the Moms in your life, for all the ways they've mothered you.    


Mama Bear
Mama Bird

Check out these cute tees! We have "Mama Bird" and "Mama Bear" from The Bee & The Fox in stock at both shops! 

Confetti Candle

This Paddywax Peony and Patchouli triple wick candle has been filling both our Mississippi and Alberta shops with it's sweet, woodsy-floral scent. And the hand painted ceramic container is reusable - your mom can plant a succulent in there when the candle is finished.

URB Apothecary

Do you know a new mom, or an about-to-be mom? This Mama Gift Set from URB Apothecary would make a really thoughtful gift. It includes a duo of Belly Butter and Baby Balm. Belly Butter is full of anti-oxidant rich oils and butters for nourishing skin naturally. Baby Balm is healing, soothing, and works amazingly for diaper rash! Perfect for moms and babies (available at our Alberta Street location).


Does your mom like jewelry? Yeah - mine, too! Does she look good in earrings? Mine, too! Is she a goddess that deserves an amazing hand-beaded pair like these from Alchemilla? MINE, TOO! In stock at both locations, these are stunning and your/my mom will be so pleased.


And finally, a card. Write her something to make her laugh, make her cry happy tears, and make her feel appreciated. For all the moms, and all the ways they get mothering done, show them some handwritten love!