I'm a Fan

You need a fan, m'dear. There may be snow on the ground right now, but summer isn't far off. With summer sunshine comes vacations and outdoor weddings in hot climates. I'm sweating just thinking about it. Any fan will keep you cool, but instead of panic-buying a neon plastic battery-operated clunker from whatever drugstore you happen to pass - do your summer-self a favor and pick up one of these wooden hand fans (by Odeme, $22.00 at our Alberta location).



They're portable, pretty, and sultry. Snap open a fan and all of a sudden you're Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", whether you're lounging on a genteel front porch or crammed into a crowded subway car. Think "sophisticated lady" rather than "overheated tourist". Your summer-self will thank you.

In the meantime, a fan is useful on the daily when you're getting ready. I keep one near my mirror and use it when I'm in a hurry to set whatever serum/moisturizer/primer I've slapped on. It's also good for quickly drying mascara and/or false lashes.

I cannot take credit for this tip, it came from Dita Von Teese - the ultimate sophisticated lady. She also knows a thing or two about fans . . .