Protect your shoes!

How do I protect my shoes/boots from the inevitable elements of Mother Nature? We are so glad you asked! There are several products you can use to make sure your leather footwear lasts for years. Let us walk you through some of them…

Saddle Soap: Cleans, protects, and revives leather. It is safe for all leather types.


Suede Cleaner: Great for all kinds of suede and nubuck leather. This removes stains, blemishes and odors.


Leather Oil: Provides a nice, deep shine and helps revitalize.


Leather Salve: A deep conditioning treatment that helps restore suppleness and helps hydrate your leather.


Boot Wax: Provides waterproofing for all types of leather. It is heavy duty and long lasting.


Mink Oil Spray: Waterproof coating/conditioner that protects and helps prevent stains. Good for all types of leather and vinyl.


Make sure your shoes/boots are clean of dirt and debris before applying any leather treatment to them, and don’t be afraid to treat them every few months depending how often you wear them and the conditions you wear them in. Store your shoes in a dry place when you aren’t wearing them and keep them in a shoe box, or bag, to protect them from dust!

There you have it! Easy peasy. Take care of your shoes and they can last a very long time.