Well Worn- Saltwater Sandals

This time of year everyone is looking for a good summer sandal. Saltwater sandals are a fast seller for us, combining a nostalgia for childhood with the practicality of a wear-everywhere shoe. Ariel has quite the collection, with four pair she wears all summer long!

Ariel has pairs in brown, tan, gold, and red. Having worn them as a kid, she purchased her first adult pair about a year ago.  No matter what color her hair is at any given time, her Saltwaters still seem to match perfectly.

Ariel wears her salt waters at work, walking around the city, to the beach (what they were meant for), she even wore her gold pair to an outdoor wedding! Basically, she will wear them everywhere in the summer time and says they are the most versatile casual shoes in her wardrobe.

Each of her pairs have started out a little bit snug , but after a few hours of wear have softened up and begun to form to her feet. The box even has directions on how to quicken this process by wearing them into the ocean. What a great excuse for a trip to the coast!

For care, Saltwaters have turned out to be pretty low maintenance, and the top leather still looks good as new several months in, while the leather foot bed is easily cleaned up with some saddle soap.