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Anonymous asked:
I see that you carry Swedish Hasbeens. I have been searching up and down for a pair of the Black/Natural Jodphur booties. Do you carry these?

Unfortunately we are all out of this style. Best of luck!

COVET + KEEP: Say It Without Speaking A Word


Former fashion editor Elea Hilliard’s inspiration for her line of braille jewelry struck her as she rode in an elevator gazing upon the braille buttons. A way to let your message be known but only if you want to share. Hand-casted, finished and assembled all of her pieces in the Covet + Keep line  are made of sterling silver, steel or white bronze.  You don’t want to miss out on these fun and sassy messages.

Coral Craze!

Every summer there is one hot color that seems to be everywhere you look. This season is no different and the winner this year goes to bright coral!  I am 100% okay with this because coral is such a fantastic color! It makes every skin color absolutely glow, it is especially great looking when paired with neutrals and is also the color of strawberry margaritas! Count me in!


When mixing a bright color into your wardrobe a good place to start is usually the feet.  Shoes can really make or break and outfit, as I am sure everyone already knows. So choose wisely, pick a shoe that won’t overwhelm your natural color palette but instead will compliment it! There are lots of shades of coral to choose from!

Frye Jillian Oxford
Camper Agatha
Clarks Purity Hyline *At Manifesto


Don’t forget to accessorize! If you don’t “need” more shoes or don’t have the budget; go small and get a fun, poppy-colored accessory to honor the coral craze.  A little goes a long way with brights!

Stance “Sheera” Sock
Harlow Coral Necklace
Pistil Gelato Sunhat

Get your pink on!

Instagram Roundup: Brands We Love

Some of our favorites this past month from beloved brands we carry, wear, and accessorize with on the regular. 

Clockwise, from top left to right: @mizmooz, @korkease, @richerpoorer, @jeffreycampbell, @seychellesshoes, @swedishhasbeens

Happy Shoe Love!


Sandals Got Me Waitin’ to Exhale


Whether you need a new pair of sandals to romp around in or a new pair to wear with all of your cute summer dresses, the 'Holdin My Breath' sandals by Seychelles are where it’s at! First off, they’re super comfy. Also, the strappy leather upper is unmistakably cute. For real, though. They’re my new must-have. They should be yours, too!

  —Jenny Mack

#Seychelles #HoldinMyBreath #Sandals #pedX #shoes

Dress for the Fourth!

As you all know, Independence Day is coming up, which means lots of BBQ’s and fun fashion.  My two favorite things! We have compiled a mini selection of shoes & accessories that are just right for celebrating America along with some great outfit inspo!

These are what we might be rocking on the fourth, what are you planning on wearing for the festivities?

Stay safe!

Red, White & Blue Shoes


You really don’t need an excuse to sport red, white or blue shoes. But, with the Fourth on its way, you now have a reason to find the perfect patriotic pair!

So, what are your holiday plans? 

Are you bar-b-que hopping? The red Calou by Jeffrey Campbell pair well with rolled up jeans or skirts! You’ll stay classy in these t-straps even while drinking Budweiser! 

Are ya headed to the beach? The white Salt Water sandals are a cute must-have! Plus, you can splash around in the water with ‘em on!

Gonna be at a swanky party in that maxi dress of yours? The blue Filomenas by Born will go great while providing a bit of comfortable, yet fashionable, height!

Just a friendly reminder, ped X will be closed for the Fourth of July. So we hope to see you before then to help ya pick out those party shoes!

However you celebrate, HAVE A HAPPY FOURTH!
  —Jenny MacK

#FourthofJuly #shoes #JeffreyCampbell #Calou #SaltWater #sandal #Born #Filomena #red #white #blue #pedX

Summertime Tootsies!

Summer is here, which means pedicure season is in full swing! We have some delicious pairings of polish sandals that will inspire you to paint your tootsies right now.  I personally love to mix neutrals and neons together, the combination of two contrasting colors really stands out. BONUS: neon colors also make pasty, Portland skin look tanner; if that is the look you are going for.


Our perfect pairs are
Seychelles “Holdin My Breath” with Floss Gloss “Wet”
J Shoes “Phoebe” with Floss Gloss “Bikini Coral”
Esska “July” with Floss Gloss “Lean”

Shoes are available at pedX and nail polishes are available at Amelia just down the road in our old location!

Paint those beautiful toes!

Story Behind the Stones


We’re all drawn to different stones, especially when shopping for jewelry. Besides being beautiful, many gemstones have certain powers or meanings attributed to them. Here is a short lesson about four of our favorites: 

1. Smoky Quartz - Considered a stone of serenity, smoky quartz is a root chakra stone that enhances survival instincts and good luck. This stone helps one organize needs versus wants, which helps add wisdom to one’s everyday life. The necklace featured above is made by Tumbleweed Jewelry.

2. Quartz - This is a ‘power’ stone; universally it is known for its many uses. It is known to create harmony and balance in one’s life. Also, quartz is known to dispel negativity while also improving one’s mental and physical energy. Photographed is a lovely necklace made by Destiny Ray.

3. Lapis Lazuli - Historically, this stone represents royalty (think ancient Egypt). Lapis is a manifestation stone that also helps the flow of communication. It is known to enhance creativity, intuition and psychic awareness. The earrings photographed above are made by Hearts + Bones.

4. Chalcedony - This stone is known to nurture and promote brotherhood and goodwill. Chalcedony fosters openness, enthusias and helps diminish signs of senility and dementia. Chalcedony necklace by Tumbleweed Jewelry.

  Kelsey & Jenny MacK

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Nautical AND Nice


We’ve got the perfect summer tote for ya! These knit bags feature two different sides of fun nautical stripes, making them an awesome accessory for your everyday. Crafted with usability in mind, the base is equipped with gusset seams for more room to tote around more stuff! Hello new beach bag!

  —Jenny MacK

#Verloop #NauticalStripeBag #tote #BeachBag