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Anonymous asked:
Pls. Send me the link to your on line store. thanks!

Hi, currently we do not sell shoes online.  If you do see something you love on our blog or our facebook, we can sell it to you over the phone and ship it.

Shoe Crew

Go Nude


I read once that a nude shoe elongates the leg. Having legs that are as long as my son’s arm, I paid special attention to this tidbit. Plus it’s ultra sexy. Ne c’est pas?


Loving Clark’s “Wessex Shay” in beige for these reasons. Oh, and she’s real comfortable.

love, heidi

Anonymous asked:
Do you carry FS/NY? Which styles, if yes? Thank you.

We just have a few sizes left of the “Ground” (leopard print pony hair) in our sale section at pedX. Feel free to call and have us check a size!


The Pointer Frans are my new obsession. I cannot stop wearing them nor getting compliments from hip asymmetrical-haired 20-something ladies or 60-and-over gentlemen.

I wear them in many ways, but one of my favorite ways is with tight, some cool socks with the fold-over, and a simple black jersey dress. Add some Pigeon Heart Designs hoops and you are good to go.

Awkward and grainy work selfie included:



Towne & Reese spring jewelry!

We just got in a new batch of gems from Towne & Reese. I love the bright colors they are using this spring - perfect for jazzing up any outfit. Whether you need something simple or want more of a statement piece, this line is super fun and also affordable! Come check it out! - Analise

Gotta Love CAMPER


If your shoe drool hasn’t kicked in yet with these simple yet stunning images of our Camper shoe selection, then let me feed ya some facts about this awesome company, and you might change your mind.

First off, if you’re a regular here at ped X, then you’ve probably heard me go on and on about Camper shoes. I’ll admit, this blog post is totally biased because Camper makes the GREATEST SHOES ON EARTH! Alright—that’s just my personal opinion. But, let me tell you why I’d shout this from a mountain top:

Camper is an old Spanish shoe-crafting company. They’re dedicated to creating quality shoes using innovative manufacturing techniques, which makes these shoes impossible to NOT indulge in. They are crazy comfortable; I’ll attest to that time and time again. Like they say, Camper is a way of walking, so their unique designs are functional as well!


What’s more, this kick-ass shoe company truly believes sustainability is key. Camper contributes to social and environmental development through various programs. The Edible Gardens Project, for example, selects urban schools and teaches the youngins different farming techniques as well as managing household waste and renewable energy resources.

A great shoe + an inspiring vision = one awesome shoe company.

Okay, okay, don’t let me make up your mind for you. Stop by and try ‘em yourself!

  —Jenny MacK

#Camper #Campershoes #shoedrool #comfortableshoes #qualityshoes #sustainability #EdibleGardensproject

Huarache’s for the win!

There’s really not too much for me to say about this shoe besides the fact that everyone and their mother needs it. Just look at the color and detail! Frye’s are made to last so these will hold up much longer than a summer or two if you take good care of them! I mean really, I’m in love you guys.

Just look how cute they are! Heather Huarache’s, I give you an A+.

Clog City

I love clogs. Something about the natural look and feel of them just calls my name.  Right now we have several styles from two different Swedish clog companies; Swedish Hasbeens and Maguba. Both brands make fantastic clogs and honestly I can’t decide between the two - so I had to buy several pairs of both brands! Here is a list of my favorite things about clogs noticed in my “highly professional” wearing experience. 


1. Stability: the wooden sole creates a stable environment for your foot, which is important for posture. Make sure the arch fits perfectly!
2. Natural elements: I feel a lot better about wearing wood and un-treated leather (like the T-Strap Hasbeens) than chemically treated dyes and toxic glues.
3. Easy to take care of and clean: Use a fine grain sandpaper to sand away any scuffs and scrapes. 
4. The sound: the click-click of the wood is the song of the clog; and for extra bonus - everyone knows when I am around!


Pretty much, clogs are where it is at.  They are cute, comfortable and sturdy.  It doesn’t get much better than that. For real.

Lots of shoe love,

*top black clog located at Manifesto

Day Dreaming with Meegan

This shoe gives me wanderlust! They make me want to get out of town, explore a sunny countryside, get ice cream, get out!


The “Meegan” by Kork Ease can take you all these places and more! Amazingly flexible sole and soft leather make this shoe easy to break in and easy on the feet!


It’s a rainy, gloomy day in Portland. Let’s grab some Kork Ease and pretend we are in Barcelona or Paris on a sunny afternoon! - Analise

Cruise all day in these El Naturalistas!

Need the perfect spring shoe that can take you anywhere? The El Naturalista ‘031’ slingback flat is great to slip on for trips the park or last minute errands at the store. I love the weaving detail on the toe too!


El Naturalista specializes in comfort and these puppies really do bring it in the comfort section. Buttery soft leather and an ultra flexible sole - you could almost wear them straight out of the shop!


Come try a pair on - you’re tootsies will thank you. - Analise
(delicious pie & coffee from our neighbors, Random Order)